▶️ Watch: Rocks fall on cars driving through Yellowstone National Park


RED LODGE, Mont. — Historic floodwaters that raged through Yellowstone National Park may have permanently altered the course of a popular fishing river and left the sweeping landscape forever changed.

Park officials say more than 10,000 visitors were ordered out of the nation’s oldest national park after unprecedented flooding tore through its northern half, washing out bridges and roads and sweeping an employee bunkhouse miles downstream.

Remarkably, no one was reported injured or killed. Superintendent Cam Sholly said Tuesday the only visitors left in the massive park straddling three states were a dozen campers still making their way out of the backcountry.

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He says the park’s northern entrances may be closed all summer.

Video shows rocks falling onto cars

Eyewitness video in the player above showed a car getting hit by falling rocks driving through Yellowstone National Park on Sunday, while trying to leave through the park’s North Entrance.

Below is video released Tuesday of an employee bunkhouse being swept miles downstream in Gardiner, Montana.


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