▶️Wyden joins push for election security; local official says misinformation our biggest threat


Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden spoke in Washington, D.C. Tuesday on the current state of election security.

“The United States Senate has been totally derelict,” the Democrat said.

Pushing for a national standard to protect the voting process. Referencing attempts to hack U.S. election in 2016.

“I believe as of today, the 2020 election is going to make 2016 look like small potatoes,” Wyden said. “The list of threats and vulnerabilities ought to be a wake up call.”

Deschutes County Clerk Nancy Blankenship has been running elections at the local level for 17 years. She believes when it comes to election security in Deschutes County, voters are in good hands.

“We’re always in improvement mode. How can we do things better? How can we make the voters’ experience better? And still be a safe and efficient system,” Blankenship said.

Blankenship agrees on the need for security, but thinks Wyden is wrong calling for a one size fits all approach for each state.

But security is not her biggest concern.

“Misinformation or disinformation is our biggest threat,” she said.

She also notes that the senator’s concern over an “open connection to the internet” does not apply to our state where voters physically mail in their ballots, and the machines counting ballots are not hooked to the web.

“They may be on an [intranet], where the computers speak to each other,” said Blankenship. “But they don’t speak to the outside world.”

With the 2020 election only 266 days away, Blakenship believes confident your votes are secure.

Wyden not so much.

“That is the equivalent of stashing our ballots in the Kremlin.”

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