▶️ Our favorite stories of 2022: Wolves in the Metolius Basin


We at Central Oregon Daily News have been thrilled to bring you the stories of the High Desert and beyond these past 12 months. We wanted to look back and not only re-share with you some of our favorites, but tell you why we love them so much.

“Personally, I love every story Brooke Snavely makes. He is the type of humble, curious, passionate journalist and person I wish to be. In this Great Outdoors, Brooke created a story with very little footage to go off of. Wolves are evasive creatures, so Brooke utilized creativity with the Central Oregon Daily production team to flesh out this story. It’s an interesting story, and the way this story is put together convinces you of that. Brooke has an innate gift to present wild life and agricultural stories with such knowledge distilled into friendly conversation. As I continue in the journalism industry, I’m frequently reminded Brooke Snavely and his stories can’t be replicated.” — Ally Osborne, former Central Oregon Daily News Storyteller. She’s now anchoring at WDTV in West Virginia.


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