▶️ Wolf Encounter: ODFW intern catches incredible video


New video released this week shows the moment an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife intern came face-to-face with a wolf, and according to ODFW this encounters are becoming more common.

“If you sat down on the side of the trail or just resting, that would be the time when you might have a wolf walk up and didn’t see you,” said Roblyn Brown, ODFW’s Wolf Manager.

The video that was released was shot by one of Brown’s interns over the summer. ODFW posted the video this week to use to educate the public.

The intern had her phone out, attempting to record a wolf howl, when the wolf walked right toward her. The intern made a noise in order to alert the wolf, and calmly but clearly, she makes sure the wolf knows she is there. The wolf freezes for a moment before running back into the woods. According to Brown, her intern did everything right.

“Wolves are not nearly as dangerous as domestic dogs and the reason they are not dangerous is because they are afraid of humans,” said Brown. “The thing to do is just realize the wolf doesn’t know you are there first off, then let the wolf know you’re there then let the wolf know you’re a human being.”

As of the end of 2018, there are at least 137 wolves in Oregon spread across 16 packs, including the White River pack near Warm Springs.


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