▶️ VIDEO: Bobcat rescued from grill of car that hit it


A sheriff’s office in Wisconsin had an unusual cat rescue to deal with. It wasn’t a house cat in a tree. It was a bobcat in the grill of a car.

You can see the rescue in the video above from the Portage County Sheriff’s Office.

The bobcat was hit by a car on the interstate.

“They saw didn’t see anything they hit. They thought it was just road debris,” said Sheriff Mike Lukas. “They went few miles north and then they stopped to check their vehicle, and that’s when they saw it was the bobcat in their grill.”

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With the help of the conservation warden, deputies were able to pull the feisty cat from the grill and load it into a pickup.

“Then they drove him back down to the location where where he bobcat was struck, because we wanted to put it back in the area in case the bobcat had the young ones or something so that it could tend to him,” Lukas said.


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