Wirkkala trial continues with testimony from Oregon Medical Examiner

Testimony continued Wednesday from the State Medical Examiner’s Office, in the murder retrial of Luke Wirkkala.

Wirkkala is accused of shooting and killing his friend David Ryder on Super Bowl Sunday after a night of drinking in 2013.

He has claimed it was in self-defense because Ryder was trying to sexually assault him.

Experts testified about DNA and gunshot residue found on the victim.

Oregon’s Chief Medical Examiner says Ryder was shot at close range, so he died very quickly.

Four DNA profiles were found on the weapon, matching the various people home at the time of the shooting.

DNA from two people was discovered on Wirkkala’s neck, in wounds he said were caused by the victim.

Wirkkala was convicted of murder in 2014 and sentenced to life in prison.

His first conviction was overturned on appeal because police continued to interrogate him after he asked for a lawyer.



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