WATCH: TV sports reporter’s hilarious rants as he’s drafted into snow coverage

Weather sports microphone

Anyone who has been in the news business for more than five minutes knows that when big weather hits, it’s all hands on deck.

Sometimes, that also means drafting reporters into field duty who aren’t normally on the news beat.

We bring you Mark Woodley, sports reporter for KWWL in Waterloo, Iowa. 

Woodley was out in the field during KWWL’s morning newscast as the snow was falling. And as the hours progressed, it was clear he was less and less thrilled with snowmageddon.

Woodley edited together the clips from some of his liveshots and shared them on Twitter.

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Among some of the amusing quotes from Woodley:

“I normally do sports. Everything is cancelled here for the next couple of days, so what better time to ask the sports guy to come in about five hours earlier than he would normally wake up, go stand out in the wind and the snow and the cold and tell other people not to do the same.”

“I didn’t even realize there was also a 3:30 also in the morning until today.”

“This is a really long show. Tune in for the next couple of hours to watch me progressively get crankier and crankier.”

“The good news is that I can still feel my face right now. The bad news is I kind of wish I couldn’t.”

It may remind you of WITI reporter Angelica Duria in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2013. After hours of weather coverage, she finally let it out.

“I’m exhausted. I’ve run out of things to say. It is snowing and it sucks here.” 

She got a standing ovation from her colleagues in the studio.


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