Bend sends out crews to tackle potholes, storm drains, fallen branches

City of Bend Pothole

As last week’s snow and ice turns to rain, problems are emerging on city streets primarily in the form of potholes and clogged storm drains.

The City of Bend says stormwater crews were working Tuesday to clear drains and respond to flooding areas.

The City says residents can help reduce localized flooding in several ways:

  • Clearing snow, ice, and debris such as leaves from the storm drain grates and inlets.
  • If you do use an ice-melting product, use it sparingly before the snow and ice arrive, and don’t forget to clean up after each event. Sand, or products made from calcium chloride, potassium chloride, or magnesium chloride (instead of table or rock salt) are safer for pets, soil, plants, and our local streams.
  • Removing snow from around your home or business’ foundation.
  • Using sandbags when needed. Local lumber and hardware stores are good sources of sandbag supplies.
  • If you aren’t sure where storm drains are in your neighborhood you can find them on the City’s interactive map:…\
  • Report flooding in public Right of Ways to 541-317-3000, Ext. 2.
Crews are also out removing downed branches and filling potholes. Anyone who sees a problem can report it by filling out a service request form at

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