Oregon’s Wildlife Safari welcomes grizzly bear cub to the fold


Oregon’s Wildlife Safari announced it has added a 7-month-old female grizzly bear cub to the animal park. The cub was found abandoned in Montana.

You can see her playing in the video above.

Here is the full announcement from Wildlife Safari:

WINSTON, OREGON, — Wildlife Safari is thrilled to introduce a charming and curious new addition to its family: a 7-month-old female grizzly bear cub. Weighing in at 100 pounds, this young grizzly was discovered abandoned in Montana and has since found a loving home at the park.

Known for her sweet demeanor and insatiable love for frozen melons and cashews, the bear cub has quickly adapted to her new environment and is settling in nicely. She is currently in the capable care of Wildlife Safari’s dedicated team of keepers who have been diligently working to ensure her health and well-being. Wildlife Safari’s primary goal is to provide the highest level of care and comfort for all the animals, and our new grizzly bear cub is no exception. We are committed to ensuring her safety, happiness, and continued growth.

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To help the cub thrive in her new surroundings, keepers are engaged in daily training sessions, teaching her essential husbandry behaviors. These behaviors, such as presenting her paws or allowing physical examinations, help the keepers monitor her health and ensure her long-term well-being.

Visitors to Wildlife Safari can now observe this enchanting young bear as she explores her spacious outdoor habitat located within the bear loop of the Wildlife Safari drive thru. The addition of the grizzly bear cub to the park offers an educational opportunity for guests to learn more about these remarkable creatures and the importance of their conservation. We’re excited to have this bear cub as a part of our Wildlife Safari family. Her presence is not only a source of joy for our team but also an excellent opportunity for visitors to connect with wildlife and gain a deeper appreciation for these magnificent animals.

Wildlife Safari is committed to promoting wildlife conservation, education, and research. The park continues to play a vital role in raising awareness about the challenges facing the animal kingdom and inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

For more information on Wildlife Safari, its conservation efforts, and to plan your visit to see the grizzly bear cub, please visit www.wildlifesafari.net or contact Taylor Holeman at pr@wildlifesafari.net or (541) 679-6761 ext 3228.


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