▶️ Travel warning: Oregon wildfire scars bring flash flooding, landslide risks


As the Oregon Department of Forestry prepares to close out this year’s wildfire season, Oregon Emergency Management officials have another warning for all of us — and it’s related to wildfire seasons from the past decade

OEM says it’s more important than ever to make sure you are prepared for additional flooding, landslides and debris flows during your travels across Oregon as we enter the rainy season.

The massive burn scars from fires three to five years ago will make trips, especially over mountain passes, a bit more unpredictable.

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The advice from the agencies is to never plan a trip without planning for the unexpected. They say an emergency kit can be your key to survival. That kit should include hand warmers, extra water, food and blankets.

“Landslide, winter storm, ice storm, wildfire, we all need to stay prepared and to maybe evacuate at a moment’s notice,” said OEM Deputy Director Stan Thomas. “The landslide issue is a larger issue than it was 5-years ago but still categorized very much as just another disaster that Oregon faces.”

Thomas says it’s also important to follow Oregon Department of Transportation road closures before and during your trip and have alternate routes ready to go just in case.


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