Wife of Redmond Man Gored to Death by Yak Sues 911 for $7M

The wife of a Redmond man who was gored to death by a yak on his hobby farm is suing Deschutes County’s 911 system for $7 million, saying a dispatcher failed to send an ambulance when the man called.

A lawsuit filed in Deschutes County Circuit Court last week discloses Brian Wing moaned in pain, but was unable to speak clearly when he dialed 911 from his Redmond area farm Aug. 16, 2017.

The suit says Wing’s wife called 911 after she found her husband unconscious on their front porch, but he was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Courtesy Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

“Valerie shows up about 50 minutes later and 53 after the first call to to 911. She calls 911 because she has found him bleeding out on the front porch,” her attorney Tim Williams told Central Oregon Daily. “And EMS show up within five to seven minutes after that.”

The suit says dispatchers failed to send help — even though 13 seconds into the call the 911 system pinged Wing’s cellphone and determined his location.

“I verified with the trauma team that had EMS been sent out on the first call and made its way to the property, not only would he survive but they also would have saved his leg,” Williams said.

Williams said Wing was the primary bread winner for the family and had just been hired by OSU-Cascades with a good compensation package.

“He was only 39-years-old, so he had a long time to work there,” Williams said. “The bulk of the numbers in the lawsuit are from lost income to the family that we would have been able to support his wife and daughter had he survived and continued working.”

Deschutes County 911 Service District Director Sara Crosswhite tells Central Oregon Daily it is working with legal counsel  to “evaluate and appropriately respond to the litigation.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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