▶️ ‘We’re trying to create options’: RSD superintendent talks fall return



Last Friday, the Redmond School District released a preview for what school in the fall could look like.

Under the preliminary plan, elementary school students in Redmond could have an option to return to the classroom and learn in-person or opt for taking classes online full-time.

For parent Dianne Hayes, there won’t be much of a question what her fifth-grade daughter and third-grade son will do in the fall.

“My daughter really struggled at home a lot,” Hayes said. “I think she was having a hard time separating school from home.”

Because childcare is hard to find and she works during the day, Hayes is thankful the district is considering providing an in-person option for students next year.

“All my friends, almost every single one of my friends, have kids at school and every single one of them are so ready for their kids to get back,” Hayes said. “For the same reasons as me. Their kids just do so much better in a classroom than a virtual setting.”

Under the plan, middle school and high school students could go to school online full-time or choose to participate in a hybrid option, which means they would be in a classroom several times a week.

“We implemented a hybrid option for high schools and middle schools primarily in order to get class sizes that are small enough to handle the distancing requirements per square footage,” Dr. Charan Cline, RSD’s new superintendent, said.

Cline said masks will be recommended but not required for students. Cline called the plan released Friday a “basic outline” that is “subject to change” with new information.

“We’re trying to create options so however parents are feeling about the virus, we can respond appropriately and we can provide the education their students need,” Cline said.


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