▶️ Spring-like weather in January as temperatures approach record highs


Near-record high temperatures gave many Central Oregonians the opportunity to get outside Monday and enjoy some sunshine. It comes after a couple of weeks of just the opposite this month.

“I did not know it was going to be this nice today,” spey fisher Damon Doyle said. “I like this a lot better, but it’s not as good for the rivers and fish and all that.”

If you look closely around the region, you can still see evidence of some previous chillier weather, with patchy leftover snow in some shady areas.

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But was no chance of any flakes falling Monday. Temperatures reached into the upper 60s, rivaling record highs.

“It finally got warm enough to take a three-mile walk,” Neel said with his wife, Darlene. “A few weeks back I was saying, ‘Come on global warming.’ Now I’m saying ‘Come on global cooling.’ Gotta enjoy it while we can. It’s beautiful. Can’t beat Central Oregon.”


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