Warm Springs Tribal Police gets federal approval for new jail


The Warm Springs Police Department has been approved for a new jail, according to Chief Bill Elliott.

The agency received official notification Tuesday from the Department of the Interior (DOI), Department of Facilities Management and Construction Indian Affairs Office.

“This decision comes after a yearlong shutdown of the current facility due to maintenance and safety issues concerning inmates and staff,” Elliott said in a statement. “The Tribe is currently awaiting the start of the initial consultation phase of this process, at which time, matters such as the exact layout and possible location sites for this facility will be discussed.”

Elliott said Warm Springs Tribal Police needs “a safe environment for both inmates and staff, and is capable of handling issues such as areas to contain possible outbreaks of contagious diseases, and handle the most vulnerable of the Tribe’s population, providing access to mental health and other services to assist in options to incarcerations and/or rehabilitation.”



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