▶️ Visit Central Oregon mid-year report shows boost in tourism


People visit Central Oregon for a lot of reasons.

The Deschutes River, Mt. Bachelor, and a lively downtown Bend to name a few – and the proof is in the numbers.

A mid-year report from Visit Central Oregon shows a significant jump in tourism between the last halves of 2020 and 2021.

Some key data included a 309% increase in online visitor guide requests, as well as over 2,000 more visitors at the Sunriver Visitor Center.

Those numbers represent July-December 2021, compared to July-December 2020.

● Sessions: 367,268 (+108% YOY)
● Pageviews: 1,009,688 (+78% YOY)
● Request Visitor Guide: 1,252 (+309% YOY)
● Partner Link Clicks: 114,459 (+10% YOY)

● Facebook Engagements (Paid and Organic): 17,048 in 2020 to 466,097 in 2021 (+2,634%) YOY
● Organic Facebook Impressions 218,671 in 2020 to 553,969 in 2021 (153%) YOY
● 60.1K Facebook page likes

Consumer Emails:
Since October, our average open rate has increased to 26%, well above industry average. Our subscriber list grew by 5.5k subscribers, with a 6.29 % growth through website signups and social contests.

Visitor Information Center:
Our Visitor Center in Sunriver greets visitors and answers questions about outdoor recreation, regional attractions, and general questions about the area. Walk-in traffic (July-December): 2021 = 5,863 visitors vs. 2020 = 3,546 visitors

RDM Welcome Desk:
New this FY, we launched a welcome desk at Redmond Airport to greet incoming passengers and assisted with questions about the region and airport services. Total visitors (September-December 2021) = 1,850 visitors

A boost in tourism comes as no surprise to Bend resident Barry Jost

“Just a little more crowds,” Jost said. “And parking is getting a little more difficult.”

That increase does however come with its perks, especially for business owners.

Kirk Ermisch, owner of Elixir Wine Group, says he sees both the pros and cons to more tourists in Bend.

It’s good because we appreciate business and we need people for our tasting room to thrive,” Ermisch said. “But you know there’s more people and there’s more traffic.”

Leave it to Central Oregon, continuing to be a desirable destination.


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