▶️ Viral competitive eater tries 7 lb. chicken sandwich challenge in Sisters


For California native and TikTok sensation Raina Huang, bigger is always better.

The competitive eater, known for her food challenge content on social media, visited Wonderland Chicken Co. in Sisters Wednesday afternoon.

Co-owner Jonathan Gooden says it is the largest and spiciest Nashville fried chicken sandwich out there, featuring a 12-inch bun made by Sparrow Bakery.

“Our goal is about 7-pound Nashville style fried chicken sandwich,” Gooden said. “It’s going to be multiple chicken thighs as a part of the sandwich with our signature pickle slaw.”

Gooden wanted to create a meal as big a Huang’s appetite and a spice level to match.

“Anyone who knows us knows that we take spice very seriously,” Gooden said. “It’s going to be our level 7, which is not really intended for human consumption.”

Huang’s stop in Sisters is one of many during her food tour of Oregon.

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While on tour, the Los Angeles resident participates in and prepares for challenges on a daily basis.

“Since I’ve been doing it for awhile my body is kind of used to the gist of it,” Huang said. “But I definitely work out daily, a lot, to work up an appetite to make sure I can eat a lot of food.”

Huang has been taking on these challenges internationally for four years and documenting all of it to nearly 4 million followers on TikTok and YouTube.

Huang finished her meal at Wonderland in just over 22 minutes and 30 seconds.

As for what happens after the meal, Huang says she eats extremely clean when not on-camera.

Huang’s next Central Oregon stop will be at Port of Subs in Bend on Thursday.


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