▶️ Restoration time for Central Oregon Verizon outage keeps moving


The time when many Central Oregon Verizon customers will get their service back after several days of major disruption continues to be a moving target.

Verizon users, primarily in Redmond and Prineville, are reporting significant issues with their cell service since at least Sunday. Some have reported it’s been going on even longer.

One Central Oregon Daily News viewer said Tuesday afternoon that the latest update he got from the company is that service would be restored by 1:50 a.m. Wednesday. That’s 24 hours later than what he had been told the day before.

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Most people have been unable to make calls or send text messages at all the past few days, although the SOS function on their devices was supposed to still be working. They are reporting on social media that the company has been difficult to contact on the issue.

Verizon responded with this statement on Tuesday:

“Our engineers were able to restore service to a couple of sites this afternoon and work continues with the fiber provider to bring the remainder back online.”

Verizon did not give Central Oregon Daily News a day or time for when customers can expect their service back.

This is the second time in the past few weeks Verizon customers in the area have reported a significant outage.


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