▶️ Verizon service in Central Oregon restored, company says; Customers vent


Verizon said Wednesday morning that it had fixed the issue that caused service disruptions that a lot of its Central Oregon customers had experienced since Sunday. The company was advising people to reboot their phones following service restoration.

Before the news of service being restored, customers shared their frustrations with Central Oregon Daily News and with the company Tuesday.

“It’s been totally off the grid, I’m taking the bar exam in a month. I’ve been trying to study and I can’t even get a hotspot working, so it’s been pretty frustrating,” Verizon customer Mitchell Kolberg said.

According to one online outage map, the problem was happening Tuesday afternoon in Redmond, Prineville, Bend, Culver, Madras and some parts of Sisters. 

Verizon says it’s caused by a fiber issue.

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People say they’ve had little to no contact with Verizon since the outage began.

“If Verizon could simply just notify people, let them know what’s happening as far s the outage itself. Where it’s originating. I’ve heard rumors that it’s an issue in Eugene. I’ve heard rumors that it’s here in Redmond, and we’re all just kind of left in the dark,” Verizon customer David Scibetta said.

The outage started on Sunday and was expected to be fixed by early Monday morning. But the estimated time on repairs was postponed four times.

“There are definitely frustrations that come with that,” Scibetta said. “My sister-in-law just gave birth last night and it wasn’t until this morning we found out through Facebook. Had we had our Verizon coverage functioning, we would have heard about it the moment it happened instead of 12 hours later.”

While the outage may be an annoying inconvenience for some, it is causing livelihood challenges for others. Mathew Seaton owns the Clock Tower Pub in Redmond. His business has been significantly impacted by the outage.

“I’ve been having to turn my customers away. I’ve been out for about two days now, losing half of my revenue due to that,” Seaton said.

The outage has disabled the pub’s video poker machines, lotteries and keno screens. Seaton says they’re a large source of revenue.

“It’s very frustrating,” Seaton said. “You try to be consistent when you own a business and when your consistencies are failing, then customers — especially the loyal ones — will start to look elsewhere.”

Central Oregon Daily News has asked Verizon multiple times if customers affected by the outage will receive a refund. That question was not answered.


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