Vehicle access closes to Tumalo Falls, Three Creek and Crescent Lake


The Deschutes National Forest will close three Forest Service Roads this week due to recent and forecasted snowfall.

Today, the Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District closed Forest Service Road 4603 which provides driving access to Tumalo Falls.

On Tuesday, the Crescent Ranger District will close Forest Service Road 60 at the Crescent Lake SnoPark.

The Sisters Ranger District will close Forest Service Road (FSR) 16 on Wednesday.

FSR 16 provides driving access to the Three Creek Lake area.

The roads are closed to provide for public safety and minimize resource damage, as well as, to preserve the snowpack as these routes transition to opportunities for winter recreation.

Forest managers would like to remind visitors that Forest Service roads across the Deschutes National Forest are not plowed or maintained for winter driving access.

Visitors recreating on the Forest should be prepared for winter driving conditions.

Some tips for those enjoying winter recreation on their public lands, include:

• Plan your trip – check the weather, bring plenty of warm clothes, enough water for everyone for 3 days, emergency food, tire chains, shovel, flashlight, flares and/or something to start a fire with, camp saw or hatchet, and cold weather sleeping bag or blankets.
• Make sure you have a full tank of gas when you leave, and you are prepared for changing conditions in the mountains and high desert.
• Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.
• In snowy conditions, if the snow on the road is three inches or greater, turn around – conditions are not likely to improve ahead.
• Do not count on technology – GPS devices can steer drivers onto impassable roads and cellphone service can be inconsistent.
• Pay attention to weather conditions, including increased winds and snowfall, to ensure plenty of time to safely head back home.

For more information on current conditions, visit or follow the Forest on Twitter @DesNatlForest or on Facebook


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