▶️ Valentine’s Day reservations filling up, but there are still options


Valentines Day is next Tuesday. And if reading that makes you say “I’d better make a dinner reservation,” you may already be too late if you had a particular restaurant in mind. But even in that case, you may have options.

“You’ve caught me off guard. I’ve only been married 45 years so I should be planning this a little bit better,” said Tom Willard. And he might not have known when Valentine’s Day was or made a reservation. But he’s got a Plan B. And C. And D.

“The first plan is the Aubry Glenn Country Club, second is to go to our favorites which would be Blissful Spoon or Pine Tavern. I like the Cellar also,” Willard said.

Bosa says they’ve been taking reservations for two months.

Nathan King, Owner and Chef, Bosa

“So reservations for Valentine’s Day is pretty much filled up already, but for any last-second people, putting yourself on the wait list is the best option.” said Nathan King, owner and chef at Bosa.

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And if the wait list is too long for you?

“Our bar is always first come first serve, and we open right at 5:00,” said King.

Zydeco says their tables are full, but don’t be discouraged.

“We’ll be opening at 4:00, and you can come in and there’s 36 seats that are open for walk-ins all evening and then we will have space in the dining room, just by the fact that some reservations will leave early and some will come late,” said Zydeco co-owner Cheri Helt.

Anne Gordon of Bend says she has a workaround.

“We might just wing it and see what’s available that night or try not to face the crowds and go the day before or the day after,” Gordon said.

Helt notes that you don’t necessarily need to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day.

“Come in early. Come in late. Come in the weekend before, the day after and really have a little bit more space for you and your loved one,” said Helt.

Takeout is also a good option for couples who don’t want to fight the masses.

While reservations around Bend are full or filling up fast, some are still available and cancellations do happen.


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