▶️ Vaccinations continue as Deschutes Co. Health awaits shipment boost



About 385 COVID-19 vaccines were administered Tuesday at Deschutes County Public Health.

First responders, health care workers and individuals in congregate living facilities are currently eligible to receive the vaccine.

“We have wonderful partnerships with our clinics, and with St. Charles, and with Deschutes County,” said Molly Wells Darling, Deschutes County operations section deputy chief. “So this really is a collaborative effort to bring everyone together to get our community vaccinated as quickly as possible based on the vaccine doses that we’re getting in our community.”

But how long will it be until eligible groups have all received their first dose of the vaccine?

Wells Darling says this depends on the number of doses sent by the Oregon Health Authority.

Public health has received and administered 1,450 vaccines since Dec. 31.

COVID vaccines coming to hundreds of BLP employees this week

In total, more than 6,000 doses have been delivered in Deschutes County.

“We will find out on Mondays what we will be getting from OHA,” Wells Darling said. “Then we get that vaccine on Wednesday.”

Public health ended up receiving 1,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine late Tuesday afternoon.

“Each week we find out a different number,” Wells Darling said. “That number guides us as to how many people we can get through our doors to vaccinate.”

As for the general public getting the vaccine, it’s a waiting game for both you and the county.

Public health says they are consistently receiving more doses from the OHA and have been advised to administer them all.

“We will be reaching out to other health care providers and entities that are within the 1A sequence,” Wells Darling said. “From there, we will be getting information out to the public when it’s time for the public to receive their doses.”

Health officials tell us that until they know exactly how many doses they’ll be receiving from the OHA each week, it’s hard to tell when the general public will receive the vaccine.


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