▶️ ‘We’ve got to get in there’: New Uvalde police bodycam footage released


Families who lost loved ones in the Uvalde school massacre met Sunday with members of the Texas House Committee investigating the incident. Their 77-page report places blame on the shooter and his family, the school and law enforcement officers who waited in the hallway for more than an hour.

Newly-released body cam videos from the Uvalde Police Department shows officers staked out around Robb Elementary School.

In the video, you can hear the shooter firing at officers and at least one officer expressing the need to get into the classroom where the gunman was holed up.

“We gotta get in there,” the officer says.

Eventually, 376 officers — local, state and federal — arrived on the scene, according to the report by the Texas House committee investigating the shooting.

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The investigation found they waited 77 minutes before moving in to take out the shooter, lacking clear leadership, basic communications and prioritizing their own safety over saving innocent lives.

“And they should have done more. Acted with urgency. Tried the door handles, tried to go in through the windows, tried to distract him,” said Rep. Dustin Burrows, R, of the Texas House of Representatives.

The three members of the investigating committee released their findings in a meeting with families of the victims — 19 students and two teachers. Their 77-page report found the shooter fired about 100 rounds in the first three minutes. But the report suggests some could have survived if they had not had to wait so long for rescue.

“They’re a joke. They’ve got no business wearing a badge,” said Vincent Salazar, the grandfather of fourth grader Layla Salazar.

Salazar obtained his copy of the report, but did not stay for the meeting due to his distrust of local public officials and handling of the investigation.

So far, much of the blame has been put on Uvalde School Police Chief Pete Arredondo for his role as incident commander. But investigators suggest there were plenty of better trained and better equipped officers who didn’t step up and could have contributed to the loss of life.

Some family members who attended the meeting left feeling dissatisfied.

“Accountability needs to say, ‘Hey I’m wrong and you’re right, I was there, I did nothing to serve and protect you all,'” said Tina Quintanilla-Taylor, the mother of one of the survivors.

Following the report’s release, Uvalde’S acting chief of police the day of the shooting was placed on administrative leave.

The body cam video released by the Uvalde Police Department was edited before being released. They say the editing was to protect the identities of victims and witnesses.


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