▶️ USPS chaos concerning to Central Oregon customers; officials say no delays locally


Customers and lawmakers have become frustrated with the United States Postal Service.

This comes after corporate changes – including a hiring freeze, no more over time, and carriers being unable to repeat routes – seem to have led to delivery delays.

Bend resident Kyle Shrter is one of those customers.

Shrter has been waiting for new car parts to come in the mail for almost two weeks. The delay has him scrambling to get to work at Newport Avenue Market each day.

“I’ve been having to Uber and that’s kind of an expensive habit,” Shrter said. “Essentially I’m working two hours a day just to pay for my Uber trips to work and back.”

Shrter says delays in mail delivery concern him on more than a personal level, especially with the presidential election right around the corner.

“Mail-in voting has always seemed like one of the safest places to do your balloting,” Shrter said. “And it could really cause a lot of chaos when the election comes and the results are in.”

On Monday, Oregon’s two U.S. Senators demanded U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy end what they call a “deliberate slowdown of mail delivery.”

However, USPS corporate communications manager David Rupert tells Central Oregon Daily News that the claim is completely untrue.

According to Rupert, there is no widespread delay in Oregon or nationwide.

As for Shrter, he sees the importance mail plays in the community each day. With a blue USPS box right outside of Newport Avenue Market.


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