UPDATE: Redmond St. Charles COVID outbreak number revised to 28


An outbreak at the St. Charles Medical Center in Redmond started with a COVID-positive patient.

Central Oregon Daily News learned Monday evening that 28 cases are now being included in the total number.

Last Friday, the number of cases tied to the outbreak was 33 caregivers and one patient.

“We have determined that eight of the 33 (caregivers) are not related to this outbreak,” said St. Charles Chief Physician Executive, Dr. Jeff Absalon. “Meaning they likely contracted the virus from a known exposure elsewhere.”

There are also two patients involved; the original COVID-positive patient, and one other who contracted the virus while in the facilities.

A family member also tested positive for the virus; bringing the total involved in the outbreak to 28.

Dr. Absalon said there have been no new positive cases tied to the outbreak since last Thursday.

“Although we’re not completely out of the woods with regards to this, we’re optimistic that now having gone several days without another positive test is a good sign,” said Dr. Absalon.

Hospital leadership is learning that increased use of goggles and face shields in addition to masks is important.

Dr. Absalon also notes that it takes about two weeks after the second dose of either vaccine to see the effectiveness truly take hold; that’s about 95 percent and then someone is considered “optimally vaccinated”.



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