Aging wine in the ocean: Spain winery takes idea from shipwrecks


American visitors to the north coast of Spain in the Bay of Biscay are sipping on samples pulled from the deep.

Crusoe Treasure Underwater Winery is aging wine in the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Founder Borja Saracho got the idea from wine recovered from old shipwrecks.

“We are very proud of that,” he says.

His one-of-a-kind winery ages thousands of bottles under the sea. White wines are submerged for around six months while reds for about a year.

The flow of a nearby river helps keep temperatures cool at a depth of around 65 feet which helps filter the sunlight. The salty water helps produce some unusual flavors and colors.

“The red wine turns to a more violet color,” says Saracho. “And the white wine turns to a more green color.”

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Researchers from Excell Iberica in Spain found the wine aged underwater is chemically different to similar wine aged on land.

“The taste is just absolutely unique,” says Florida resident Alan, who is on vacation with his family. “It’s not sweet but at the same time it’s not bitter.”

Crusoe Treasure Underwater Winery produces ten different wines and offers wine tastings on boats for a bit of sun, sea, and sunken sampling.

“You will never tour another vineyard underwater,” Alan says.

Apparently, the fish like the winery too. The cages holding the wine have created an artificial reef where marine biologists are currently monitoring more than 100 fish and plant species.

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