▶️ Ukrainian St. Charles employees seek U.S. citizenship, asylum for daughter


Vitalii and Angela Gostiev ​​have established a life in Bend.

The two have worked as technicians for St. Charles since fleeing Ukraine in 2015, but someone is missing from their home.

Their daughter Ana was working outside of Ukraine when the family fled, and is currently in Dubai trying to stay safe during the country’s current war.

“When war started she was 22 and right now she’s 30,” Gostiev said. “She’s adult…we just try help because it’s our daughter.”

The Gostievs have a citizenship hearing this month in California, which they have been waiting for since arriving in Bend.

“We just pray about it,” Gostiev said. “Maybe it help us and our daughter too.”

With citizenship, Gostiev believes he will have an easier time receiving asylum for Ana in the United States.

This would be the family’s first time seeing their daughter in almost a decade.

“It maybe change our status and we can just maybe allow to came our daughter here,” Gostiev said. “We just pray and we hope for future.”

Although Ana is not in Ukraine at the moment, the Gostievs have friends and other family that are.

“It’s like Nazi, it is hard time,” Gostiev said. “We know just how many people die, it’s like millions.”

This local family does not know what comes next for their daughter and home country.

“I don’t know how Ukrainian and Russia will live together in future,” Gostiev said. “It just…it’s a real war.”

The Gostiev family does have a GoFundMe to assist with expenses surrounding their upcoming citizenship hearing.


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