Twitter programmers warn platform could crash after exodus of workers

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Elon Musk’s managerial bomb-throwing at Twitter has so thinned the ranks of the software engineers who keep it up and running that programmers who were fired or resigned this week say Twitter may soon fray so badly it could actually crash.

Musk ended a very public argument with nearly two dozen coders over how to proceed by ordering them fired. Hundreds of engineers then quit after he gave anyone not “extremely hardcore” until Thursday to abandon ship with severance.

The newest round of departures means the platform is losing workers just at it is gearing up for the 2022 FIFA World Cup that begins Sunday, one of the busiest events on Twitter.

Many Twitter users, unsure of whether the platform will survive, are now using it to share where they can be found on more stable platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Current Twitter users should make sure they have two-factor authentication set up and have a strong password.

Central Oregon Daily News contributed to this report.


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