▶️ Turning a shelter into a home, nonprofit helps furnish Veterans Village


It takes a village to build a village.

The construction of Bend’s Veterans Village is almost complete, but while building new homes is a task in itself, furnishing them is another.

That is where the non-profit Furnish Hope came to the rescue, and they started filling the soon-to-be community Wednesday afternoon.

“I said, you know what, we have everything that you guys need to be able to furnish those cabins,” Megan Martin, Furnish Hope founding director said.

Some leather couches, desks, and kitchenware marked the start of what will be a fully furnished Veterans Village, but there is much more to come.

“That 2,000 square foot modular building will be the living room, the kitchen, the wrap-around service offices that COVO will be providing,” Martin said.

Some pieces of furniture will even be donated from Sunriver Resort during its renovation.

“We’ll be able to put a really nice outdoor wicker chair on each of these decks, and then inside we’ll be putting a twin mattress that will be put onto a platform so that there’s storage underneath,” Martin said. “Then right under this window here we have small, drop-leaf bistro tables with two chairs each.”

Furnish Hope provides gently used furniture, at no-cost, to those who need it.

Erik Tobiason, Bend Heroes Foundation president, says Furnish Hope is one of many local organizations making this space a reality.

“You know I don’t think it could be done by any one organization, and so it’s great to have Furnish Hope and have them help us with the furniture,” Tobiason said. “It’s one less thing we need to worry about and it’s a very important part of the project.”

Tobiason says the goal is to make Veterans Village a welcoming and comfortable environment for future residents.

“Having the furniture really finishes, really completes the program,” Tobiason said. “And takes it from being a shelter to a home.”

While non-profits have played a big role in building the upcoming village, the project has proved to be a community effort.

“It requires every individual person saying yes,” Martin said. “To collectively do something of this magnitude.”

The Veterans Village should be ready for its first set of occupants on Veteran’s Day.

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