▶️ Tumalo Community School celebrates 100 years


As one of Central Oregon’s oldest elementary schools, Tumalo Community School has withstood the test of time.

Tumalo School is so special just because of its history, the school itself being here 100 years,” said Principal Justin Nicklous. “The original school was actually 115 years old.”

The school has expanded and grown several times through the years.

While it has changed significantly from the days when just a few dozen students walked the halls, it has remained an integral part of the Tumalo community.

“Wherever I go in the community with Tumalo gear on I get stopped by grandma’s, and grandpa’s and uncles and aunts just telling me stories,” Nicklous said. “They tell me how special in terms of their connections to their friends. There was a gentlemen in the other days that said that his basketball team had won the regional basketball league and says that he still stays in touch with people.” 

This year, Tumalo School is celebrating 100 years of being a community that cares about one another.

“I think it’s that community spirit of, at one time a rural farm community, not being from the city they just had that special bond and I think that’s still a part of our school today.”



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