▶️ Be ready: Summer air travel expected at pre-pandemic levels, TSA says


Summer travel is expected to meet and possibly surpass 2019 pre-pandemic levels. That means longer lines at security checkpoints and people overall at airports, including Redmond Municipal.

On average, Redmond sees 1,500 departing passengers per day. The Transportation Security Administration says it wants everyone to have a smooth trip.

“When we have more travelers departing we are counting on passengers to be great partners in security,” said TSA spokesperson Lori Dankers. “To know what the rules are to bring items that are permitted in their carry on luggage. So that we don’t slow the line down looking at peoples bag to see what those prohibited items are.”

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The TSA reminds passengers that it’s best to arrive early and know what items you can and cannot bring on board. 

The most common prohibited items are knives, tools and liquids. Check the TSA’s “What Can I Bring” page for a full list.

Also, firearms are not allowed in the cabin of the plane. They must be checked baggage and unloaded. They must also be in a locked, hard-sided container and declared to the airline at check-in.

Face masks are now optional on flights, but the TSA recommends passengers wear them.

The TSA also says on its website that there is an opening for a full-time security officer starting at $38,807 annually and a part-time position at $18.59 per hour.



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