▶️ Try out a non-alcoholic mocktail


Pick a direction in Central Oregon, head that way, and chances are you’ll come across a brewery. But if you’re not a fan of drinking alcohol, or you just want to cutback on your alcohol consumption, you’re not completely out of luck. 

Many breweries and bars are starting to include mocktails; drinks that have the unique flavors of cocktails without the alcohol. Megan Sinclair wanted to know more so she brought Dane Olson bar manager of Waypoint by Bend Brewing to learn how to make a mocktail.

Dane made a “What’s Up Doc,” consisting of carrot juice, coconut syrup, lime, ginger beer, and serrano pepper. 

If you’re interested in learning how to make cocktails or mocktails, you can sign up for Mixology Monday classes on the Waypoint website


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