▶️ Tripledemic cases decreasing, but other illnesses still around


Cases of the COVID-19, RSV and the flu — also known as the tripledemic — are decreasing. That’s according to Mosaic Medical.

The organization says it saw the highest rates of infection in late November and into this past January. Children and the elderly are the most impacted by respiratory viruses. 

While we are seeing some relief, other illnesses are still around.

“Though RSV and COVID and flu infections have calmed down in the latest weeks, we’re seeing an uptick in Rhinovirus, Enterovirus and Human Metapneumovirus infections. So there are still plenty of sicknesses out there, still plenty of germs,” said Dr. Rebecca Hicks with Mosaic Medical.

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These other illnesses can cause cold symptoms in older children and middle aged adults. But for children and older adults, severe infections are possible.

With that being said, Mosaic Medical also tells us pediatric hospitalizations are lower than a few months ago.


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