▶️ Trick or Trump: Political candy concerns parents

For multiple parents in Northwest Crossing, this year’s Halloween offered more tricks than treats. Parents discovered Trump 2020 stickers on pieces of candy that were given out to their children and many were not happy about it.

“I had always assumed that Halloween was a holiday just for kids, and to see someone politicize something on Halloween absolutely shocked me,” said Megan Perkins. “What made it worse was that it was a neighbor.”

Perkins found the Trump labeled candy in all three of her children’s bags, and decided to throw all the candy away before her kids could see. She then took to social media, posting photos of the politically branded candy. She said most parents reacted the same way she did, horrified that someone would intentionally pass this out to children.

“Putting a sticker on a piece of candy for kids isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about anything anyway,” Perkins said. “I think it was purely just to get people upset, and that’s really unfortunate.”

Perkins says her kids were in such a trick or treating frenzy that no one even noticed what house the candy came from, but she end up addressing the candy with her eleven year old son, emphasizing Halloween shouldn’t be the time or place for politics.

“First of all, kids can’t even vote,” said Perkins. “Second of all, you’re taking something that’s supposed to be about fun and youthfulness, and turning it into a political event. I just think that’s wrong, and hurtful too.”



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