▶️ Trick-or-treating is a ‘high-risk’ activity this year, CDC says


House Halloween decor around Bend looks typical, but many Bend residents say their plans for this upcoming weekend are not-so-typical.

“Staying at home and being safe,” one resident said of their plans.

“I think that we’re probably going to get together as a family with a couple other families and take it easy for the most part,” another Bend resident said.

People staying home on Halloween might be a good thing, according to guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control regarding this weekend. The CDC lists door-to-door trick-or-treating as a high-risk activity.

Morgan Emerson with Deschutes County Public Health said past holidays, like Labor Day, were linked to a spike in cases.

Health officials at the county think Halloween gatherings could cause a similar spike if people aren’t careful.

“If you are wanting to go trick-or-treating, there are ways you can do that that are safer,” Emerson said. “You want to be wearing a mask, washing your hands, staying home if you’re sick and washing your hands when you get back.”

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Will your children go trick-or-treating this Halloween?
Will your children go trick-or-treating this Halloween?
Will your children go trick-or-treating this Halloween?

The CDC recommends participating in activities other than trick-or-treating to minimize contact with others.

“Maybe having a Halloween movie night at home or doing a trick-or-treat night at home, similar to an Easter egg hunt to be festive and celebrate but just not have that risky behavior with others,” Emerson said.

St. Charles chimed in on Halloween recommendations as well, releasing a list of advice for the weekend on its Facebook page Wednesday.

The hospital is encouraging people to stick to their neighborhood if they do decide to trick-or-treat and avoid clustering in neighbor’s doorways.

For those looking for other options, the Old Mill has photo booths set up throughout the week, although they won’t be handing out candy on Saturday.

Cascade Relays on Friday is hosting a drive-in movie double feature beginning at 5:30 with the little-kid-friendly Casper the Friendly Ghost. The Addams Family will show at 8 p.m. 

The movies are outside the Cascade Relays warehouse off 9th St. next to Spider City Brewing. There will be prizes for the best youth, adult, and family costumes.

Redmond is still hosting its Candy Crawl event from noon to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. Event organizers encourage face coverings and social distancing.



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