▶️ Destination Oregon: Tributary Hotel in McMinnville


From the outside, it looks like any other historic building in downtown McMinnville. In fact, 100 years ago, it was Today, it is vying to be the finest hotel in the area.

This is Tributary Hotel, where they have a stated mission.

“The preservation of slow,” said Reyn Nakamasu, Tributary Hotel Assistant General Manager. “And, you know, coming here, you kind of get to forget about the hustle and bustle of real life.”

The elegance is subtle but obvious and the luxury is next level. The definition of tributary is a collection of small rivers or streams that come together to form a larger body of water. That concept is what this place is all about — paying homage to eight Oregon rivers.

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Each of the eight rooms is named after a river. In each room, unique artwork doubles down on that theme. These are aerial interpretations of the river the room is named after.

If these rooms feel more like fancy apartments, that’s by design.

“Very intimate. It is meant to feel residential, but here it feels like an apartment that I would love to come home to every night,” Nakamasu said. “And I think that’s what our guests have really found to love so far. We have a lot of guests that come every single quarter just for this type of experience.”

Tributary Hotel has a subdued presentation that immediately invokes a calm, relaxed atmosphere. But make no mistake, this is high-end luxury.

“We are very down to earth. We fit. What makes the Willamette Valley special, and I think it’s a nice blend of high end hospitality with a down to earth nature that makes Oregon special,” Nakamasu said. “It is high touch if guests want that. It is as low touch as they want.”

Food is integrated into the tributary experience. Part of the hotel is Okta Restaurant, a separate but connected fine dining eatery.

“Every morning, our guests receive an Okta-inspired breakfast delivered to their suite every day,” Nakamasu said.


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