▶️ Treasure hunt ends with finding lost llama

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before:

A llama named Treasure goes out for a hike alongside a Cascade lake with its owner, but the llama breaks free and runs away.

It goes missing for days, weeks in fact – managing to elude anyone and everyone looking for her and skittering away from those who spot her and try to get close.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on this Central Oregon llama drama.

Sherry Halligan has been raising llamas in Central Oregon since the 90s.

Among her current herd is 12-year-old Treasure.

“I run an outfitting business and we take people up into the mountains on pack trips and use the llamas as pack stock,” Halligan said. “I wasn’t sure he’d like packing but then he turned out to really enjoy it!”

In late July, Halligan took Treasure and other llamas out to Hosmer Lake for a four-day trip with clients.

Treasure turned the trip into an unexpected adventure.

“It was the evening of the first night, I went out to check the llamas and he was loose. So for about an hour and a half we tried to catch him and it got really dark so we gave up,” Halligan said. “And then the next morning he came back to camp, we tried catching him again for about two hours and then he ran off and we hadn’t seen him since.”

“People were really really good about calling in and telling us where they saw him, but s soon as they tried to catch him he’d take off,” she said. 

But after weeks of searching, Halligan got the call she was waiting for this morning. Treasure had been found by some hunters just a couple miles down Forest Road 4613.

“We went there with four llamas and he was still there and we walked up kind of about 50 yards from him and he looked up, saw the other llamas and came running. But he wouldn’t let us catch him! As soon as we’d try he’d run off and he started to walk away so we were like, “Oh no!” So, I thought, “Let’s just walk back to the trailer and see what happens.” So as soon as we paid no attention to him and walked away with the llamas he came up and joined us. I walked right into the trailer with the other llamas and he walked right back into the trailer with us and the lady behind me said, “Close the door, quick!” She closed the door. After all this time, he did it on his own! I’m feeling really really relieved because I didn’t know if he’d survive over the winter. This was just kind of lucky.”



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