▶️ WATCH: Police use thermal camera drone to find missing toddler in woods


Police used a thermal camera drone to find a missing two-year-old child in Freetown, Massachusetts, on Friday night, according to the Dartmouth Police Department. The department released video from the drone that shows a police sergeant walking through the woods to find the child.

Officers, joined by canine teams and the fire department, searched for the toddler after responding to a reported stabbing where the suspect fled with her child, Freetown Police said.

Video posted by the Dartmouth Police Department shows the heat signature seen on the drone’s thermal camera “when the child was located and recovered.”

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The drone operator guided a sergeant to the location of the child.

Freetown Police reported that the child was taken to a local hospital due to “prolonged exposure to the rain and cold temperature.” 

Dartmouth Chief of Police Brian Levesque said: “This incident was the perfect example of where the crossroads of technology and good teamwork came together. Had it not been for the use of our drone, and the excellent communication between my two officers, the outcome of this incident would have most likely been grave.”


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