▶️ Oregon gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek 1-on-1 interview on the issues


The three candidates in the race for Oregon governor were invited to take part in an in-studio interview with Central Oregon Daily News. These interviews were conducted on Sept. 28, the day after all three candidates were in Bend for a debate.

We asked the candidates the same questions about abortion and a woman’s right to choose; the crisis of homelessness; the minimum wage; the urban-rural divide; the issue of water rights; Measure 114, which would change Oregon’s gun laws; and how politics may be affecting decisions in our schools.

Democratic nominee Tina Kotek and independent candidate Betsy Johnson accepted our invitation and appeared in-studio for the recorded interview.

Republican Christine Drazan did not take part. Central Oregon Daily News first extended the invitation on Sept. 8 to appear for the 10-15 minute interview. The campaign responded a few days later saying it might have time. But then on Sept. 26, the campaign said it would not be able to be in-studio, citing scheduling. They said they may be able to do it another time. Central Oregon Daily News then offered multiple opportunities to do the interview via Zoom prior to publishing this story. The campaign has yet to respond.

In the player above, you can watch our entire interview with Tina Kotek. If you want to see her answers to the individual topics, those can be found in the clips below. You can see Betsy Johnson’s responses at this link.


Homeless Crisis

Gun laws

Minimum Wage

Urban-Rural divide

Water rights

School boards




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