▶️ Three cougars killed in Bend and Sisters in a ‘very unusual’ occurrence


Three cougars were shot and killed by Oregon State Police in Bend and Sisters over the weekend. Euthanizing three cougars in the same weekend, in the same county is very unusual, authorities said. 

One of the shootings happened in a southwest Bend neighborhood on Hitch Post Lane on Saturday, where a woman reported the animal mere feet away from her front porch. 

Police decided the big cat was a danger to the neighborhood, and shot it. After the killing, authorities reported a neighbor’s cat was found half eaten and buried beside the feline. 

“The cougar wasn’t threatened by them at all. He was laying in the shade, just hanging out, guarding his kill,” Fran Lamkin, a resident of neighborhood said. “He didn’t even flinch when all the officers showed up.”

There were about eight to nine police cars, Lamkin said.

Two other cougars were killed in Sisters on Foothill Loop on Sunday. 

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office says you should not run if you encounter these animals. Instead, make yourself appear large, throw anything you can find at them, pick up any children around, and prepare to fight. A cougar’s natural instinct is to chase. 


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