▶️ 5 things to know Wednesday: Are you ready for busy holiday travel weekend?


Driving for Thanksgiving? Have this emergency kit in your vehicle

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, AAA says 55 million Americans, including 777,000 Oregonians, will be traveling for the holidays. Around 89% of those travelers will be arriving to their turkey dinner via car.

Bend Police say to make sure you have a full tank of gas before you leave, bring extra water, food, blankets, warm clothes, an ice scraper and emergency equipment like flares and jumper cables. Be sure to have traction tires and bring chains that you know how to install. Read more

Deadline coming up to cure your ballot if its been challenged

The elections may have ended, but some ballots still need to be counted. Some people have received notices in the mail that their ballots have been “challenged.” 

“I will send a letter to that voter saying ‘we’ve challenged your signature,’ and they have three weeks or 21 days after the election to cure that,” Crook County Clerk Cheryl Seely said. 

Most of the challenged ballots in the recent election were due to signature characteristics.

If you have found a ballot challenge in your mail, you have until November 29 to cure it. Read more

Watch: Historic Anderson home in Bend is slowly moved 700 yards

A historic home in northeast Bend was on the move Tuesday night.

Instant Landscaping, located next to Highway 97 just north of Empire Avenue, was moving the Nels and Lillian Anderson Farmstead House about 700 yards. You can watch some of that move in the player below.

The home is being moved for the Bend North Corridor Project which will reroute part of Highway 97. Read more

‘Best food in town’: Prineville saying goodbye to beloved restaurant

A beloved restaurant in Prineville is saying goodbye.

“It’s super bittersweet,” Irene Morales of Tacos Morales said. “We are going to miss our customers.”

Opening in the early 2000s, the family has now decided it’s time to retire, relax, spend time with family and enjoy life.

It’s final day is Wednesday until 7:00 p.m. They are asking people make reservations. Read more

Central Oregon’s CAMP giving veterinary care to those who can’t afford it

There are plenty of animal lovers across Central Oregon. But what happens when they can’t afford to take care of their furry four-legged companions?

There is a group working to make sure everyone has access to affordable pet care no matter where they live. It’s called Companion Animal Medical Project (CAMP).

Johannah Johnson-Weinberg founded the group two years ago to improve access to veterinary care.

“There’s really no difference between owning an animal housed or unhoused,” said Johannah. “We don’t ask and prod those personal questions. We just kinda say ‘What do you need today and how can we help.’” Read more



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