▶️ Driving for Thanksgiving? Have this emergency kit in your vehicle


With Thanksgiving on Thursday, AAA says 55 million Americans, including 777,000 Oregonians, will be traveling for the holidays.

Around 89% of those travelers will be arriving to their turkey dinner via car.

We reached out to the Bend Police Department to see what advice it has for staying safe this holiday.

“Have all of your fluids topped up, make sure your tire pressure is correct and make sure you have a full tank of gas,” said Sheila Miller, communication manager with Bend PD.

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Miller also recommended having extra water, food, blankets, warm clothes, an ice scraper and emergency equipment like flares and jumper cables.

“Carry chains or have traction tires and if you’re carrying chains, make sure that you know to put them on just in case you need them,” said Miller.

In addition, it is encouraged to let someone know where you are going in case you get stuck or lost. 

Miller continued, “If you get to get to a road and it says it’s closed or there’s a gate, turn back. GPS isn’t always correct.”

According to AAA, this Thanksgiving will be the third busiest in travel since 2000.



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