‘No’ on Terrebonne Sanitary District ahead in close vote


The measure on whether to form a new sanitary district that could move Terrebonne from a septic system to sewer was narrowly losing.

The ballot measure would determine whether the Terrebonne Sanitary District would form or not.

As of Wednesday, the “no” votes were leading the “yes” votes 12-11.

If the district is formed, conversation would continue regarding the development of the wastewater system.

“I think it’s going to be a huge benefit to the urban area. We’re going to see a lot of economic growth because the businesses are going to be able to continue to operate as normal. And we’ll see businesses come back into town as well as will be able to service the high number of people that come and visit the beautiful turbine area,” said Parker Vernon, a member of the Terrebonne Sewer Advisory Board.



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