▶️ Tasty Tannenbaums: Old Christmas trees serve as snacks for local goats


With the holiday season coming to an end, it’s officially time for stockings, decorations and Christmas trees to come down.

Plastic trees can go right back in the box for next year’s festivities.

The options for getting rid of live trees, on the other hand, are multiple.

Of course, there’s the recycling route, chopping it up for firewood, or even just taking it to the dump.

But there is another option you probably hadn’t considered.

Donating it as a treat for goats.

Goats like Timber, Dusty and Cinnamon.

“We mostly just feed them hay, it’s the most important part of their diet. But I saw a post on Facebook about people feeding Christmas trees to goats and so I did a little research and they are a good, healthy treat for them in moderation,” said Lindsey Provost, president of the Embers Wildflower Animal Sanctuary in Redmond.

The sanctuary will take the trees whole, or you can bring them in chopped up.

Either way, the goats will gnaw on the needles and chew on the trunk.

And for non-profits like Embers, a donated treat could benefit everyone involved.

“It’s fun for the animals and you know, it’s just good recycling and eventually it will become compost after they enjoy them,” Provost said. 

Their address is 2584 Southwest 58th Street in Redmond.


If you don’t want to send your tree off to the goats, here are a few other ways to recycle your used Christmas tree.

The Knott Landfill is accepting trees for free through January.

Also, the local Boy Scout troops will be collecting and recycling Christmas trees January 4th & 5th

To arrange a pickup call the number below, based on where you live. A $10 donation is requested.

541 385-3977 for pick up in SW Bend. West of 3rd St and South of Newport/Greenwood

541 385-2692 for pick up in NW Bend. West of 3rd St and North of Newport/Greenwood

541 385-2672 for pick up in NE Bend. East of 3rd St and North of Greenwood/Hwy 20

541 385-3942 for pick up in SE Bend. East of 3rd St and South of Greenwood/Hwy 20

541 385-3971 for pick up in La Pine

541 385-3989 for pick up in Redmond

541 385-2640 for pick up in Sisters

541 385-3935 for pick up in Sunriver


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