▶️ Tail to Remember: Search for a Rescue Leads Woman to Her Old Friend

By Meghan Glova
Central Oregon Daily

The dog days are over for Meghann Butschy.

After being reunited with her dog, Brewer, almost by destiny.

Meghann and her ex-husband separated years ago and in the divorce he kept Brewer, as well as their dog Petey.

It wasn’t even until March of this year that Meghann’s daughter got a hold of Petey and brought her into Meghann’s care.

But Petey wasn’t in the best health

“Petey was very anxiety ridden, he had cancer, he was eleven. We just made these last months of his life his best,” Butschy said. 

Meghann didn’t want her other dog, Olive to be lonely once Petey was gone.

So she decided to adopt a rescue from the Humane Society of Central Oregon and came across a dog she was quick to recognize.

 “We were going to try and adopt this little Frenchie we saw at a rescue, and I thought I’d look at the Humane Society website and see if there’s a weird mutt that needs a home,” Butschy said. “And so I looked on there, and there was Brewer.”

Brewer had been found by his original dog mom.

“Her heart was just racing and she had to come down to find out if that truly was the Brewer she knew and loved,” said Lynn Ouchida, with the Humane Society of Central Oregon.

Meghann later found out that her ex-husband had given Brewer up for adoption and he had been taken care of by at least one other family in Central Oregon.

After Brewer’s most recent owners moved to Texas, he was sent to the Humane Society and had only been there a month before Meghann had found him.

“I haven’t looked on the Humane Society website for years. It’s just crazy that he’s there,” she said. 

Meghann says while she mourns the loss of her dog Petey, it was a piece of fate that brought her and Brewer back together.


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