The Great Outdoors: Youth Turkey Clinic

If you want to go turkey hunting, you have to find them first.

In this week’s Great Outdoors, Brian Jennings takes us to a youth turkey clinic where young hunters received hands-on lessons in safety, shooting and bird calling.

Thanks Brian for that report. A special thanks to our Great Outdoors sponsor, Parr Lumber, for giving us the time and resources to explore the lakes, rivers and mountains across our beautiful state every Wednesday night on Central Oregon Daily.

Beulah’s Place: Refuge for At-Risk Teens

Andi and Ed Buerger’s mission was to create a refuge for at risk and homeless youth. Beulah’s Place was named after Ed’s deceased mother, who’s love has transcended to these young adults, and the biblical land, Beulah, which is a place between heaven and earth, kind of like their home. It’s a temporary safe house where kids can get the resources they need to transition into a happy, healthy adult life.