Taste This! – Grace and Hammer

For this week’s Taste This! culinary adventure, Donna Britt visits a ‘church’ in Redmond … but it’s not just any church, this church has been artistically renovated to house a new pizzeria, so of course, Donna had to sample some pies.

Visit them in the historic church on the corner of 7th and Cascade in Redmond and find them online at graceandhammer.com.

A special thanks to our sponsor, Newport Avenue Market, for giving us the time and resources to bring you this delightful culinary feature each week. Life is short. Eat good food. And have fun doing it.


Origin Story: Motherhood Survival Box

For this Week’s Origin Story, Samantha O’Connor introduces us to one Redmond mom who never expected self care to be her passion. After having two kids under two and a teen in the house, she realized the importance of taking time for herself and she knew other mommas needed it to, which is why she started the Motherhood Survival Box.

Melissa plans to add a new postpartum box soon, which will focus on healing for mom and baby. You can find out more or order your own box at motherhoodsurvivalbox.com.

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Good Samaritan Helps Redmond Cop Restrain Suspect

Just before nine a.m. Thursday morning, the Redmond Police Department received a call about a disruption at Proust Coffee in downtown Redmond. A man had threatened to assault one of the coffee shop customers, but had left before police could arrive.

Officer Allen Speck, the responding officer, searched the area for the suspect and found 22-year-old Redmond Resident Trenton Yates making his way back toward the coffee shop. Officer Speck identified himself as a police officer and tried to talk to Yates, but things turned physical. Thankfully, a passerby stepped in to help the officer.

Central Oregon Daily spoke to good samaritan Travis Wilson, and Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on this story.

Flights Touch Down in Redmond After Two-Day Closure

After winter weather and damaged equipment closed Redmond Airport the first flights in two days touched down and took off from Redmond this morning. While more delays and cancelations are expected as winter storms continue, the airport is up and running.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan checked in with some travelers who were able to get back to Central Oregon this morning.

Damaged Equipment Keeps Redmond Airport Closed Tuesday

The Redmond Airport remained closed on Tuesday after the latest round of a winter storm damaged vital equipment used to help pilots land when there are no visual references for them to use on approach.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan looks at the problem and why airport officials are hoping to reopen by Wednesday morning.

More Hotels Coming to Redmond

Redmond could soon see an 50 percent increase in hotel rooms in the city thanks to a number of national chains planning expansions into Central Oregon. This means more revenue for the city as well as more access for visitors.

Central Oregon Daily’s Lisa Carton sat down with Redmond Mayor George Endicott to find out more about how these new hotels could affect the growing city.

Safety Concerns for Highway 97

A fatal crash last week left one woman dead after succumbing to her injuries, and caused extensive delays since the highway was shut down as crews investigated and cleared the scene. Crashes like this aren’t uncommon on this stretch of highway, an issue that has prompted the Oregon Department of Transportation to push for some safety improvements for the corridor between Redmond and Bend, but budget restrictions are proving an issue for the sweeping changes that are likely needed.

Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker spoke with ODOT officials and residents to see what kind of changes could be in store for Highway 97.

Redmond Marching Band Needs New Uniforms

The Redmond High School marching band has been a part of the community since it was started in 1927 and in those 90 years the band has only had three uniforms. Each set of new uniforms has been expected to last over 20 years, but these most recent uniforms have lasted almost a generation. That age shows with some uniforms missing buttons, zippers are broken, some just don’t fit many of the students and students and teachers alike describe the uniforms as “outdated.”

Central Oregon Daily’s resident band kid, and reporter, Anyssa Bohanan has more on how the band hopes to raise $55,000 for new uniforms.

Supper Club: 2019 Plans for Redmond

The City of Redmond has big plans for the area around the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in 2019. So, for this week’s Supper Club, Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel sat down with Redmond Mayor George Endicott. to talk about the future development of the area, including new hotels, industrial jobs and maybe even a new sports and entertainment complex.

A special thanks to our Supper Club sponsor, Selco Community Credit Union, for giving us the time and resources to talk about the issues that impact our region with a new edition of Supper Club every Tuesday night on Central Oregon Daily.