Oregon COVID-19 Update: 122 new cases; 1 new death

The Oregon Health Authority on Wednesday reported 122 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19, bringing the statewide total past 6,000.

One new death brings that total to 183 while 6,218 have contracted the disease.

Union County, which had reported 218 new cases over the last two days, saw only two new cases on Wednesday bringing its total to 242.

Deschutes County reported two new cases, bringing its total to 139; 128 of those patients have recovered.

Jefferson and Crook counties reported no new cases, leaving those totals at 69 and nine respectively.

More than 178,000 Oregonians have tested negative for the disease.

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OHA Releases Weekly Report

Today, OHA released its COVID-19 Weekly Report, which outlines data and trends on outbreaks and other epidemiological information collected over the last week. This week’s report shows that during the week from Monday, June 8, through Sunday, June 14, OHA recorded 898 new cases of COVID-19 infection, a 44% increase from the previous week. In addition, 16 Oregonians were reported to have died, compared with10 deaths in the preceding week. In that same week, the number of COVID-19 tests* reported (24,708) increased substantially (35%) compared to the preceding week while the percentage of tests positive remained approximately the same (3.1% vs. 3.0% during preceding week).

In this week’s report there are several new figures (1, and 4 through 7) which shed light on additional trends. These depict weekly trends in reported COVID-19 cases by epidemiologic link to other known cases, age, sex, race, and ethnicity.

New outbreak reported

An outbreak of 20 cases of COVID-19 has been reported at Teeny Foods in Multnomah County. The case count includes all persons linked to the outbreak, which may include household members and other close contacts to an employee. The outbreak investigation started on June 8, but the initial case count was below the threshold for public disclosure.

State and county public health officials are working with this business to address the outbreak and protect the health of workers.

Medicaid Enrollment Report posted

This week, the Oregon Health Authority has begun posting a weekly Medicaid enrollment report. The report, which will be posted on Tuesdays on OHA’s COVID-19 page, lists the increase in Medicaid enrollment over the previous week, as well as the total increase since the COVID-19 emergency declaration March 8. This week’s snapshot shows that as of June 15, 2020, there are 1,149,620 members enrolled in Oregon Health Plan, an increase of 3,990 members over the past week (0.35%) and 70,007 members since the emergency declaration (6.48%). Please note that the chart marks snapshots of enrollment actuals produced every week. This data is preliminary and represents a point in time measurement of enrollment. It does not include retroactive eligibility changes. OHP data is finalized 90 days after the month ends to allow for retroactive enrollments.


Brown to convene special session to tackle police reforms, COVID-19

Gov. Kate Brown will convene a special session of the Oregon Legislature June 24 to discuss police reforms and address the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are at a unique moment in America,” Brown said in a statement Tuesday. “I am calling a special session to take up two urgent issues facing our state: the COVID-19 pandemic and police accountability. Several pandemic-related policies that I have implemented via executive order, including the temporary eviction moratorium and protecting CARES Act payments from garnishment, should be codified in statute. And the public’s call for significant police reform is too urgent to wait until the next regular legislative session. It’s imperative that the Legislature take action on these issues right away.”

Brown said she also expects to call a second special session this summer to rebalance the state budget.

“In the meantime, I will continue pressing Congress to support the state and local governments that are reeling from the economic downturn,” she said. “Unless the federal government takes action, states like Oregon could be forced to make significant cuts to schools, health care, and senior services.”

Brown has warned state agencies to prepare for a shortfall of $3 billion and directed them to cut their 2-year budgets by 17%  due to declining tax revenues because of the coronavirus outbreak.

She plans to release a list of $150 million in general fund budget cuts “to put Oregon’s budget on better footing.”

Bend GOP Rep. Cheri Helt said in a statement she supported the special session.

“I support a special session to accomplish three things: 1) strengthen police accountability starting with outdated union contracts that protect bad cops and give our many good cops a bad name, 2) fix the broken unemployment insurance system still denying vital benefits to thousands in need and 3) protect workers, businesses and non-profits from costly opportunistic lawsuits as they seek to safely re-open from COVID-19 restrictions,” she said.

Redmond GOP Rep. Jack Zika issued a statement as well, saying Oregonians. needed the Legislature to convene.

“Through a pandemic and the Governor’s shut down of our economy, 18% unemployment in Deschutes County, the failure to process unemployment claims, and failure in distributing federal aid to local government, it’s shocking the legislature has not been allowed to convene,” he said. “However, this being said, there are concerns around the policy bills that have been released by Salem democrats so far as none seems to address budget concerns but add taxes and inhibit the ability to chose an online school for our kids.

“This special session should be for prioritizing our economic recovery efforts while maintaining public health guidelines and funding core government functions.”


State’s Rape Kit Backlog Officially Cleared

Oregon is now one of only a few states that has officially cleared its backlog of sexual assault evidence kits. Over 5,000 kits that have been on hold for years have been processed and some have even lead to arrests in perviously unsolved cases. Now lawmakers must figure out how to keep the resources needed to keep the backlog clear.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on the story.

The Great Outdoors: Riddle Brothers Ranch at Steens Mountain

After all these years, Eastern Oregon is still in many ways, Cowboy Country. For this week’s Great Outdoors, Brian Jennings takes us to the Riddle Brothers Ranch, a historic ranch that you can tour near the majestic Steens Mountain Wilderness.

A special thanks to our Great Outdoors sponsor, Parr Lumber, for giving us the time and resources to explore the lakes, rivers and mountains across our beautiful state every Wednesday night on Central Oregon Daily.


National Guard Trained for Fire Fighting Efforts

In the wake of fires burning throughout Oregon, Governor Kate Brown invoked the emergency conflagration act, authorizing the State Fire Marshal to mobilize resources to assist local resources battling the fire.

With those resources running slim, the Oregon National Guard has stepped in and trained over 400 citizen-soldiers and citizen-airmen to serve as wildland firefighters.

Central Oregon Daily’s Warren Shultz has the story.

South Valley Fire

Residents in Dufur Threatened by Third Fire in Three Weeks

About 150 firefighters from around the state, as well as 150 local personnel, have responded to the rapidly growing South Valley Fire, which grew to more than 15,000 acres overnight. Crews worked overnight to build a fire line, and the fire is reported to be about five percent contained.

The Fire Marshal’s Office says at least 400 people are under the level 3 evacuation orders and at least 80 to 100 homes are threatened.

The Oregon Department of Transportation closed Highway 197 from milepost 14 to milepost 34 overnight while firefighters worked to control the flames. The highway has been re-opened in both directions and ODOT crews will continue to monitor fire activity in the area.

Officials say the fire is fueled by ponderosa pine, oak and wheat. Those dry fuels and steady winds over 45 miles per hour pushed the fire southeast.

The fire marshal’s office is currently investigating the fire as human-caused.

Destination Oregon: Freebridge Brewing

It’s not unusual to find new uses for old buildings. It happens all the time. In The Dalles two local entrepreneurs recently opened the town’s first brewery and you won’t believe what the building was originally built to be. 

In this week’s Destination Oregon report, sponsored by Bi-Mart, Dave Jones takes us to Freebridge Brewing in The Dalles.

First Five Debates Set for Oregon Gubernatorial Race

The first five debates for Oregon’s Gubernatorial race have been tentatively scheduled, beginning with the first one in Central Oregon. Governor Kate Brown and her Republican challenger, Knute Buehler, have accepted the following joint appearances.
A debate will be hosted by the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association on July 20th in Central Oregon.
Children First for Oregon will host a debate in Portland in either late September or early October.
KOBI-NBC TVwill host an October 4th debate in Medford.
KGW-NBC TV will host a debate in Portland during the week of October 8th.
KATU-ABC and Portland State University will host a debate in Portland on October 15th.

Baby Bradley Heads Home

Three weeks after being found naked and alone in the woods south of Bend, one-year-old Bradley Michael Thomas was reunited with his family on Wednesday morning and is heading home to West Virginia.

On Tuesday, a judge awarded custody of Bradley to his maternal grandmother, Melissa Jordan. Jordan, along with Bradley’s mother, 19-year-old Katelin Thomas, and Bradley’s aunt, Lindsie Thomas are excited to head home after arriving in Bend weeks ago.

Bradley’s father, Brandon Blouin, is still in custody in the Deschutes County Jail on criminal charges related to the disappearance of and subsequent search for his son in the woods near China Hat Road on May 10.

Election 2018: Early Primary Results


(134,247 votes counted)

Buehler – 49.84%
Carpenter – 27.52%
Wooldridge – 17.07%

(22,029 votes counted)

McLeod-Skinner 44.59%
Jenni Nearing 22.39%
Jim Crary 10.97%


Jack Zika 54.43%
Ben Schimmoller 45.23%


Eileen Kiely 71.77%
Bill Trumble 26.87%

(6,433 votes counted)

Tony Debone – 72.07%
Ed Barbeau – 27.50%

(6,646 votes counted)

Patti Adair – 51.85%
Tammy Baney – 47.97%