Election 2018: Kate Brown Wins Race for Governor

Governor Kate Brown continued Democrats 36-year winning streak in Oregon’s gubernatorial race by beating Republican challenger Knute Buehler on Tuesday.

Despite polls leading up to the election showing a close race, Brown grabbed an early lead on Tuesday night and ended up with 50 percent of the vote to Buehler’s 44 percent as of Wednesday.

Buehler conceded the race with a speech on Tuesday and Brown will be sworn in to her final four years as Oregon’s governor in January.

Election 2018: Gubernatorial Race Likely a Close Call

On the ballot for Oregon voters is an unexpectedly close race for governor between incumbent Kate Brown and Bend’s Dr. Knute Buehler. Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel caught up with Buehler today at his election office in Bend to hear how he’s spending his last few days of campaigning.

First Five Debates Set for Oregon Gubernatorial Race

The first five debates for Oregon’s Gubernatorial race have been tentatively scheduled, beginning with the first one in Central Oregon. Governor Kate Brown and her Republican challenger, Knute Buehler, have accepted the following joint appearances.
A debate will be hosted by the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association on July 20th in Central Oregon.
Children First for Oregon will host a debate in Portland in either late September or early October.
KOBI-NBC TVwill host an October 4th debate in Medford.
KGW-NBC TV will host a debate in Portland during the week of October 8th.
KATU-ABC and Portland State University will host a debate in Portland on October 15th.

Election 2018: Republicans Gear Up for Primary Race

A Closer Look at the Republican Gubernatorial Primary Race

The primary elections are a little more than two weeks away and the Secretary of State has mailed out the ballots to all registered voters across the state.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel joins us with a look at one of the most hotly-contested races going into the final stretch.

Buehler’s Run for Governor: Part 2

In part two of our interview with gubernatorial candidate Dr. Knute Buehler, Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel delves into Buehler’s positions on the issues that will likely define this election season including health care and the Oregon Health Authority, where hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent with little to show for it.

Buehler, who is currently Bend’s State Representative, is trying to become the first Republican to win an Oregon governor’s race in 30 years.

Buehler announced he was running for Governor last August and sat down for his first extensive broadcast interview since announcing his run with Central Oregon Daily.


Buehler’s Run for Governor: Part 1

Bend State Representative Dr. Knute Buehler is trying to become the first Republican to win an Oregon governor’s race in 30 years.
He announced his intention to run for the office last August, and since then, he has been traveling around the state meeting voters.

Buehler sat down for his first extensive broadcast interview since announcing his run with Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel and in part one they discuss how difficult this race could be for Buehler, a republican from the east side of the Cascades, who is taking on the incumbent democrat, current governor Kate Brown

Stay tuned for part two of Central Oregon Daily’s extensive interview with Buehler.

Republican Party Hopes for a Win in 2018 Election

The Republican party hasn’t won a governor’s race in Oregon since 1982. That’s why so much is at stake in the 2018 election between incumbent Kate Brown and the only current opponent from the Republican party, Bend, Oregon’s Knute Buehler.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel looks at the upcoming race and what political analysts are saying about Buehler’s chances of breaking that 35-year-old streak.

Madras Mother Speaks Out Against Bullying After Child Attempts to Take Their Own Life

This week is National Suicide Awareness Week. Suicide is now the second-leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States.

In tonight’s cover story, Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan meets a Madras mom who almost lost her daughter to suicide, and decided to make it her mission to help other parents and teenagers dealing with the same issues.

State Senate Committee Breathes New Life Into Proposed Bridge Across the Upper Deschutes River

It’s a political battle that’s had as many twists and turns as the river that is at the center of the debate. Last month, it looked like a proposed bridge across the Deschutes River was dead in the water after a bill was passed in the House to reinforce a rule that prohibited any bridge from being built. But in the past week, an amendment to that bill was proposed to a Senate committee, and they approved it on Thursday, reopening the ongoing debate over the proposed footbridge.