▶️ Origin Story: Revs House

On Fridays we tell you an Origin Story, highlighting local people turning their passion into a profession. This week, Samantha O’Connor is showing us a workout that benefits your body both inside and outside the gym. A great workout at Revs House can also double as a therapy session.

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Destination Oregon: Oaks Amusement Park in Portland

If you grew up in the Portland area, chances are you visited, or at least heard of, the Oaks Amusement Park and it’s famous skating rink. In this week’s edition of Destination Oregon, Dave Jones takes us to this cultural landmark in the area of Portland.

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Indoor Recreational Activities for the Winter Cold

A lot of us live here because of the year-round recreational opportunities, but sometimes, like today, it gets too cold for even the heartiest of little ones to be out in the elements.

Central Oregon Daily’s Chris Biggs joins us a look at some of the new indoor places, like Mountain Air Trampoline Park, Central Oregon Aerial Arts and Vector Volcano your kids can to go to burn off some energy this winter.