Proposed Bill Could Bar Zoning for Single Family Homes

Today in Salem the House Committee on Human Services and Housing held its first hearing on HB-2001. The bill would allow for what is called “middle housing” on land currently zoned for single family homes. Middle housing is those housing types that fall between single family housing and large scale apartment complexes.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel has more on the bill and what communities it could affect.

Proposed Apartments Spark Controversy

A Seattle-based developer has proposed a five story apartment complex overlooking the whitewater park in Bend. Proponents of the project say the 170 unit complex can help ease Bend’s housing shortage, but neighbors are concerned that the project doesn’t account for an increase in traffic and parking needs.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on the story, and Central Oregon Daily will be reporting more on the story as it unfolds at a public meeting tomorrow at City Hall at 11 a.m.

Real Estate Comparison: North Dakota

We all know home prices in Bend continue to rise and for the average household income it’s near impossible to afford the median price of homes in Bend. Each week Jack Church searches to see what the average income can purchase in Bend while also comparing this to cities of similar size in other states around the country. This week our comparison city is Bismarck, North Dakota

The capitol of North Dakota has a population of 72,417 and boast an interesting capital building, a cute downtown and a huge heritage center – which is a nice place to escape from North Dakota’s chilly winters.

Jack takes a look at a 3-bedroom fixer-upper for $189,900.

New Apartments Coming to Bend

We found out that there will be more than a dozen new apartment complexes coming to Bend in the next couple years. We went to talk to the City of Bends, Senior Planner on the matter.